Thursday, April 21, 2005

The First Post

Currently reading: To the Lighthouse - by Virginia Woolf
Next up: The History of Love - by Nicole Krauss

That's pretty much how I'll be opening every post on this blog. I'll be the Bridget Jones of literary-diary-keeping....or something.

So, I pretty much started this blog - as if I don't have enough things to distract me at work - becuase I wanted an outlet specifically for my literary pursuits. I might pop up a review of something I've read...I may respond to literary criticism....I may post snippets of things I'm working on (fiction, poetry...).

So if you enjoy reading, writing, or talking about either one - feel free to join me here whenever you've got a free moment....

You can also catch up with me, as usual, at my main blog:
And, I will eventually be adding material to The Barton Project.

Until we meet in literature or in life,