Sunday, June 19, 2005

"Mother Confessor"

Currently reading: "Catch-22" by Joseph Heller
"The Dark Knight Returns" by Frank Miller
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I was inspired to write a poem today - but while I was working on it and looking through old notebooks, I found this one which very much taps into the loneliness I'm feeling today. The date I wrote next to it was 11/5/01 - but I'm writing a revised version here with minor edits. Sometimes I surprise myself - particularly with the fact that this poem still somewhat applies to my life 3 and a half years later...

Mother Confessor

to know a lover's pain
would be my great delight
would mean my life were being lived
and set my heart aright

but now life makes me numb
with mediocrity
i pray someone will break my heart
and set my spirit free

but no, i am the friend
who sits, while others wail,
inside a thick, black loneliness
that holds me like a jail

mother confessor doles
advice to those who moan
while living just enough of life
to need none of my own.

- Teresa Jusino 6/19/05

The poem that I'm working on today - I will post soon.


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